Bhm V4 Ceiling Lift

BHM V4 Ceiling Track Lift

Note: BHM Medical seems to have disappeared. Their website url,, now redirects to's ceiling lift page. I'm assuming that BHM Has been taken over by Arjo Huntleigh. People looking for information on BHM products should probably contact Arjo Huntleigh.

I don't know whether this product is still available (I see some dealers still advertising them). I'm leaving the page online as a reference for anyone who might need this information.

The new V4 ceiling track lift combines many of the trusted features of the successful Voyager series along with design improvements and new features you asked for! The NEW V4 is the most technologically advanced track lift on the market today.


  • use the handset to program lateral speeds and the carry bars position after the return to charge function is complete
  • power emergency up & down along with an easily accessible manual emergency down compliment the safety design features
  • the clip on charging station can be placed at any convenient location along the track
  • an ergonomically designed handset provides 2 or 4 way function plus return to charge, a wireless remote is available
  • the unique lift powered turntable and track exchanger systems add unparalleled versatility
  • maintenance light tells you when the lift needs service- no more guesswork!
  • modular design: components that require service simply snap out and in.
  • lightweight construction: moving or removing either lift is easy while the lifting capacity of 200 kg (440 lbs) (31.5 st) remains the same for both lifts

The V4 is designed for use with the new KWIKtrack System

  • KWIKtrack uses a revolutionary patented bracket that is 40% faster to install than conventional brackets. Its unique locking device keeps the track securely fastened.
  • KWIKtrak’s slim design permits a tight 595 mm (23 in.) turning radius on curves.
  • smooth, seamless joints using a unique pin locking system improves lateral movement and finished appearance.

For more information on this and other BHM products please visit their web site at:

Walking Aids at Factory Direct Medical

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