Guldmann GH2 F Ceiling Lift Systems
GH2 F Ceiling Lift

Guldmann GH2 F Ceiling Lift System

The F in the GH2 F model refers to "flexible". Other companies would refer to the lift as portable but both terms are equivalent.

The big advantage of the flexible model is that the lift can be removed from the track and taken to another track somewhere in the home or institution, or even to another location like a cottage.

With this type of ceiling lift the user will have tracks installed in the areas they need them and simply move the lift from track to track as needed. Additionally of the user owns a free standing track system they in effect have a completely portable ceiling track system that can be taken wherever they go.

Permanent lifts cannot be removed from the track and to move from room to room there has to be a network of tracking going throughout the home or institution.

GH2 F HD Model

Basically the same as the GH2 F model the GH2 F HD model has a lifting capacity or 550 lbs.

Track Systems

The GH2 Ceilinglift systems have a multitude of track options available and can be customized with switches, turntables, curves and various track mounting systems. For more information on the track options available please visit the Guldmann web site.

Lift accessories and Slings

Guldmann offers a wide range of lift accessories and slings to meet the needs of it users. For more information on lift accessories and slings please visit the Guldmann web site.

More Information

For more information on this and other Guldmann ceiling lift systems
please visit the guldmann web site at: www.guldmann.net/

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