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Roomer S Ceiling Track Systems

The Roomer S overhead lift is a portable overhead lift offering the possibility to transfer a patient from one room to another in one single motion without making any modifications to doorway headers. Its portability ensures that asset investment is greatly reduced as the same lift can easily be used in multiple rooms. The lift has a weight capacity of 220kg and can be used with either a 2, 3 or 4-point suspension.

The Roomer S lift reduces the cost of installation by not requiring the modifications of door headers. The tracks are run up to the door header and started again on the other side of the header. When in use, the Roomer S is pushed to the doorway and is able to transfer to the track on the opposite side using straps to sling the lift across.

The Roomer S is suitable for rooms with sliding doors or fire doors as no modification to the doorway is required, and eliminates the need for turntables and rail switches. It offers soft-start, soft-stop and constant lifting speed regardless of patient weight and direction, making lifting a comfortable experience.

Charging can be done conveniently through the hand control for optimal efficiency. The Roomer S also features a uniTechnical specifications Roomer S que telescoping hanger bar that offers different widths in one product to ensure any patient experiences a comfortable sitting position.


Lift intelligence

The Roomer S has the ability to store usage and performance data. With our data and service application and a PC or tablet device, it lets you find out more about the usage and the condition of your lift. Detailed information can be viewed directly in the application or exported to other media for additional analysis.

Ceiling Lift Slings

Human Care provides a wide selection of sling styles in many sizes. For more information on slings for the Human Care lifts please visit: Human Care Slings


Human Care Canada Inc. offers:

Download the full Human Care Warranty here.

Manufacturer / Distributor

Human Care is a manufacturer of HeliQ ceiling lifts and a variety of floor lift systems, rollators, hospital beds and convertible chairs with offices in Canada, USA, Australia and the EU.

For more information on this and other Human Care products please visit their web site: humancare.se/ca/


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