Ceiling Lift Gallery

Ceiling Lift

The ceiling lift gallery is intended as a resource for people looking for ceiling track systems. I've tried to provide an overveiw of each of the many available lift sytems available so they can be compared by pontential purchasers without having to visit multple websites.

You'll find links to each of the products in the left column of each page.

In cases where I know a particular product has been discontinued I've decided to leave them listed with a notice that they are no longer available. I often get requests for information about products that no longer are available and feel some visitors will find it helpful if they remain listed here.

I am not a dealer for ceiling lifts, or any other type of equipment. If you'd like pricing, specific information or to purchase a ceiling lift system you should contact a dealer (most wheelchair vendors are dealers).

If you are looking for gewneral information I'd be happy to try and help you out if you'd care to contact me.

Thank you for your interest,
Dave Stewart

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