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Horcher Unilift Ceiling Lift

Horcher Unilift Ceiling Track Lift

The Original UNILIFT ceiling lift series offers nearly unlimited options and has been used successfully worldwide for years. The UNILIFT system consists of various rails, curves, and transverses. It is mounted permanently on the ceiling or wall, to individually fit the dimensions of any room. The components of the system are expandable and match up perfectly. Adjustable switches on the ceiling rails enable patients to move to different rooms on one floor using the lift. These systems have been thoroughly designed, and represent the state-of-the-art in safety technology. Thus, persons with walking impairments can use the lift and the electric motor to move from the bed to the bath or toilet without any problem.

In addition, the UNILIFT eliminates uncomfortable, sometimes painful, transfer using different lift systems - which is often possible only with the help of others.

The patented patient positioner makes it possible to take up and move the patient in a lying or sitting position as needed.


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